About me

Thank you for taking the time to look around my web site :), hope you like what you see. A few things about me, I love being creative, doing anything DIY or crafty. I operate a Tour company Organsing tours for Solo, couples, and midsized groups be it, a simple getaway, Adventure, Nature, Wellness, Beaches, Honeymoon, Scenic, Cultural, Wildlife and Photography. I love Photography, and the introduction to it was unintentional but fateful thanks to the support extended by my family, and the Guidance, 

push from my Friend cum Teacher Hiran De Silva, who's passion for photography was born with a box camera back in 1968. Today as a printing Professional and with in-depth study in the field, his knowledge and skills have produced photographs used by printers in compiling calendars, pictorial diaries and greeting cards. His wealth of experience concentrated for correct sharpness, speed and exposure has helped me learn something new every day. I believe in the power of visuals, a language used to see within each other, a frame at a time. Thanks for Visiting...

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